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New York Guild Microsite

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Recently a longtime client of ours, The Newsguild of New York, contacted us to the design and build a microsite, especially tailored to digital journalism. We created this site with them, which uses many cool animated features to help tell their story, all in a responsive, mobile friendly format.

Why a Microsite?

Microsites offer an interesting opportunity to tell a very specific story well, free of the clutter that sometimes creeps into larger site. It allows for a singular focus on a single message and allows us to start a conversation with unique and targeted audience. It also allows us to engage with this audience very directly, as we have access to very specific data about who is visiting, how frequently and from where. Plus, having a specific URL handy for a an exciting and important new part of your company is a real convenient way to spread the word. Here's some more info, if you're curious.

The Design

It was important to both parties to create a dynamic and focused design, to engage and to use animated techniques to help tell their story. The NewsGuild had an established style and aesthetic, which we adjusted and expanded on for the microsite design. Working within our client's design style and hopefully adding elements and value is something we aim to do every time.

Build Out

It was very important that this design be responsive, as it was designed for mobile journalists on the go, who rely on their phones as a multipurpose reporting tool. As such, all our animation techniques needed to be adjusted to look cool on every device. We also set up the site with data tracking and capturing capabilities that would allow the interactions with the site to be understood in a meaningful way.

We were really pleased with how this site came out. It's fun, without being frivolous, and we think it gets their message across loud and clear. Mircrosites are a pleasure to design and build and we always enjoy working with the NewsGuild of New York.


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