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Great Pitch from Saul Bass

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First of all - I love the cheery simplicity of the old Bell logo. It's instantly memorable, pleasingly proportioned and has a unrivaled sense of clarity. Obviously, someone of Saul Bass's talents (here's an example of his amazing work) barely needs an introduction. He had genre defining taste and his logo work was just as amazing as his film work (almost all of the new logos pale in comparison in my opinion).

The other day I found this video of his pitch to Bell Communications for their new logo (here's the video) and I was really struck by how creative and individual it was. Bell isn't exactly the grooviest of companies and he had the backbone to present something so unique, humorous and kind of strange to them (and it worked!)

its just an inspiring example of having a great idea and presenting it in your own way. I suppose it just shows that there's no one way to do quality creative work and that often the best work comes out of being bold and individual.


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